Suds and Songs with Lippy Kid

Up the local in the rental.

Today we look at Derbyshire based, ambient loop creator, Lippy Kid.

First things first. Let me tell you that this isn’t just music, this is theatre. Using minimal loops to create powerful melodies you’re forced to visualise before you, what you hear around you.

You can’t just listen to this, you have to put shape to the sound and become, well, transfixed.
You can find multiple releases by this alter ego (Think more Ziggy Stardust than Tony Clifton) but a great place to start is with Anatomical, released in 2014. Three Digit D.I.S.C.O is a mind bender. It sounds as though it is taken from the boss level of a Nintendo game fused with a cross country car trip from an indie movie and I mean this as the highest compliment, because that’s what I saw. That’s what this music forces you to do in a way that very few others can.
Lippy Kid isn’t one to go it alone either and is always looking for collaborators. On his last project, he asked his Twitter followers to add one word to the statement 

“We Search The World To Find….”. The result was, one word, stunning.

And it is for that reason, the desire to want to mix with others and make something unexpected and beautiful that I’m pairing this with a Whiskey Cocktail known as the Brain Duster.


This fits in two ways. First, Brain Dusting is honestly a great way of describing Lippy Kids’ music. After a few hours of watching (remember not just music, theatre) his creation you will feel well and truly refreshed and inspired, a good old brain dusting.

The second way is that this is blend of things that shouldn’t go together but hell they create something spectacular. Whiskey, Italian Vermouth and Absinthe. It’s classy, goes down smooth and leaves just enough of an impression to make you question everything, and that’s just Lippy Kids’ music.




This is Lippy Kid.



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