The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come To Expect

Miles Kane and Alex Turner are close and are creating something they want to hear and want to share. What’s wrong with that? Miles Kane is far more prominent in this album than the first and we can be grateful for that. His guitar playing adds an edge to the album and allows Alex to focus on his singing, which has come along no end. Songs like Sweet Dreams, TN show just how powerful a set of pipes he has, creeping through the words and jumping out for a huge finish with very minimal music behind it which adds to the beauty of the track and makes it my favourite off the album.

The musical craft on each song offers something different which keeps everything interesting. A luscious guitar riff on Aviation will have you humming it for days and for me takes from Arctics song My Propeller as it uses simple guitar to create a complex song. Dream Synopsis is a journey through the mind of Alex Turner to LA via Sheffield in the form of a jazz club house band. It’s a guitar down and mic up kind of album for Turner and you get the feeling that’s exactly what he wants with his loose hips and wandering hands.

The Last Shadow Puppets live at Sheffield City Hall

The album offers up of a double bill of melancholic ballads with songs like “Miracle Aligner” and “The Element of surprise”. Both could easily have been pulled from a Lou Reed album and offer the best of the strings.

I read recently that Bad Habits was essentially a jam with Miles Kane going with what words came out and lasted around 45 minutes. This was whittled down for the album and offers a little rock relief which Kane gets to vent on and keeps on chugging with a chunky bass line and sharp strings.

The album is a sepia serenade with the sunset in the background, a midnight drive round a mountain side and the little umbrella in a cocktail all rolled together. They kept the strings but took everything else in a different direction and found songs of love, lust and lavish lifestyle.

Regardless of some of the bad press they have had, strip away the joking interviews, the LA tan, the gold rings and loafers and what you’re left with is a damn good album. They have bucked the trend of old friends sharing some nostalgia and gone full throttle down the highway to something fresh, something that the charts don’t see anymore. I’d rather not wait another 8 years for the next album but if it is even better than this one, it will be absolutely worth it.



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