Taking over…Lippy Kid

In early January, all round nice guy Lippy Kid agreed to take over HepkattFM with a guest post. I asked LK what 2015 was for him and what 2016 holds.

Get your Brain Dusters ready.

Here’s Lippy Kid.


 So 2015 has come to a close, and on refection, from a musical perspective, what a year it’s been. I entered into the year with a head full of unfinished ideas. Time to focus and think about a direction. The immediate, outside world was becoming an increasingly gloomy place, so I’d started to spend more time looking wider afield. Carl Sagan’s ‘Pale Blue Dot’ had started to resonate strongly. Our relative significance. I wondered, if asked, what would the world of Social Media start to say if I presented them with a simple query……
‘We search the world to find……’
There response was amazing. Hope for a better planet. A daughters aspiration, the comical, the reflective. It was incredibly moving and filled my heart with optimism. From that moment, completing my musical ideas became a downhill task and ‘Echoes and Answers’ was born.
The reception for the album surpassed my wildest expectations. Fantastic feedback and reviews (a particular review by Simon Tucker for Louder than War stunned me completely). Amazingly, and totally unexpectedly, the album even got picked up by one of my favourite 6 Music DJs, with Mary Anne Hobbs featuring ’24 Hour Reboot’ on her ‘6 Recommends’ show.
As a completely independent musician, it’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you self-produce something and receive so much love in return.
The remains of the year was spent putting in place new projects, new foundations for more ideas and collaborations. It was lovely to produce a track with Helen Mort, Derbyshire’s poet laureate, for the Dark Outside broadcast. I’ve been a huge admirer of Helen’s for some time so it was a real honour to work with her. Also, to find our track featured alongside work from artists such as Plaid, Martyn Ware, Grumbling Fur, Pye Corner Audio, Scanner, Ben Salisbury, Chris Carter…pretty amazing really.
There have been many people I’ve been discussing projects with towards the end of the year, and hopefully these will materialise with something worth sharing with everyone.
To reflect on an inspirational year, I decided to close it off by releasing a track I’d been previously working on for the ‘Echoes and Answers’ album. It seemed appropriate somehow:
So to 2016…..
Well this year has started off in the most surreal way possible. Like so many people, the news of David Bowie’s death came as a devastating blow. From initially being introduced to Ziggy as a slightly awkward, introverted eleven year old, Bowie was the shining light and a huge inspiration to me. I did find it a little difficult to comprehend. And only days after releasing one of the finest albums of his career. I guess it was only in the days that followed that we were able to truly understand the poignancy of its content.
I’d like to feel the key things that I did learn from Bowie’s career was to keep exploring, be bold, be true to yourself and never fear collaboration.
So who knows… Each year I seem to meet more and more creative and inspirational people. I’m currently working on a number of new ideas with some of those I met last year. On the immediate front I’ve been pulling together a collaborative mix with my very good friend ‘Mixless’ aka Antony Theobald that will be broadcast on Nick Wlkinson’s ‘Inner Depths’ show on Future Music FM. The show will be broadcast Feb 29th, something we’re both looking forward to. After that…well there’s a number of other ideas, things I’ve said I’ll aim to look into, ideas of my own…plenty to keep me busy.
I guess all I can say is watch this space, but thanks, as always, for the incredible love and support, and as David once said…
“Tomorrow belongs to those that hear it coming….”
Thank you to Lippy Kid for taking the time to write this. If you want to take over HepkattFM and have a guest spot, get in touch!
Until next time.

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