Suds and Songs: Milk Carton Kids

I first heard of these guys when a friend of mine performed a cover at one of his gigs. Queue hours of You-tubing their performances and one thing became glaringly obvious. No matter the venue, no matter the size of the crowd, they always offer an intimate experience. (For the most gorgeous of performances check out the Tiny Desk Sessions courtesy of NPR)
Their stage presence is still but full of movement, very Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings. Their most recent album, Monterrey, offers a gluttony of swaying guitar crawls and perfect harmonies. Recorded on stages of theatres throughout America, without a crowd, without the nitpicking over each bar, it makes you feel, well, human.

 So what do you pair with this?
It’s cliche but the sound created does go down like Honey and leaves you burning up as you wish you were as good as them, so why not pair it with Jack Daniels with Honey.
While you sip on this, you can slip away to the ambient vibes created from songs such as Sing, Sparrow, Sing and Asheville Skies.
Wherever you are in the world, whatever music you like, you need to unwind and appreciate talent, these guys have it in abundance.
Stop the search.

We’ve found the Milk Carton Kids.


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