The Salient Braves -They Must Have Seen Me Coming EP Review

They Must Have Seen Me Coming is the new EP from Barnsley based Salient Braves and if you do one thing today, jump on a bus, head across Yorkshire and shake their hands. This could well be a game changer and you’re gonna want to say you met them when you did.

The title track They Must Have Seen Me Coming is nailed on to be that song you absolutely can’t get out of your head and to be honest, why would you want to? “They must have seen me coming, with a pocket full of money” has been in my head for a solid week now and probably will be for another. The music surrounding the words is the perfect accompaniment. Now. This might sound like an obvious thing but it certainly isn’t, far too often great lyrics are drowned amongst a sea of inconsiderate guitar solos and fancy fills but not here. The drums are crowning, with loose work on the hi-hat which gives the song direction and then a catchy hook from the guitar to boot.

The Great Unwashed is a song that immediately resonated with me and will do with millions of people as it is a rather frank look at mental illness. Taking the listeners on a journey of being trapped to your room, being viewed upon as weak and encouraged to get over it, “suffocate me with your pity” is the line that sums it all up for me. Whilst the whole EP has that indie pop vibe, this track in particular reminds me of The HouseMartins and the guitar work of Johnny Nocash is exemplary. There’s a tremendous little breakdown that you’ll be rewinding to play over and over again which contains a subtle guitar solo.

The Odd Couple brings the 80’s to the modern day with a call and response chorus that you will sing along with whether you want to or not. See the theme here? This collection of tracks all have the same qualities. You can write a good song and hum a good tune but can you repeat that? Well, The Salient Braves can. They even through in a over of REMs Losing My Religion which actually is very in keeping with the rest of the tracks.

The EP is rounded up with X-Factor Shooting Spree which actually sounds like a dream I had recently. Singer/Songwriter Matt Bailey feels a little tongue in cheek with this one but it does have a kind of anthem feel to it, maybe this is the start of the movement? Simon Cowell, we’ll give you a head start.

There are obvious comparisons to be drawn when listening to The Salient Braves, it’s clear that the Indie Pop movement is a big influence and I think Bailey has a very Morrisey feel to his voice which could have pointed him in the direction of what sort of music he wanted to make but I’m grateful. We miss this music. If these guys had been around a few decades ago they would have been opening for the Stone Roses at the Hacienda, guaranteed.

The Salient Braves are bringing back that Indie pop and alternative rock sound that the UK was so familiar with back in the mid 80’s/early 90’s. The melody is gentle yet progressive on each number and put together so perfectly that each song drips off of each other in a way that stops you in your tracks. You realise that this is what we’re missing, lyrics actually accompanied by well crafted, well arranged music. Indie Pop is back, we’ve reached out for a handshake but it’s beckoned us in for a hug. Stay fearless, Salient Braves, stay fearless




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