Marching on together

What’s happenin’, cats?

It’s been quiet around here. Too quiet.

Hands up. Head down. I’m sorry.

Now, I’m a pretty positive person all told. Sure, I’ve been through my fair share of troubles but I’ve always thought “you know what, there’s always worse out there and thank the lord it hasn’t found me”. However, as last year drew to a close, it went and bloody found me. My wonderful mother (no, shush, she’s better than yours. Seriously) was snuck up on by the villainous cancer. Out of the blue. No fair warning and no prior appointment.

A state of complete bewilderment clouded over not only me but my entire family. What happens next? What can we do? Well, dear reader, I can tell you what happens next. A battle that would leave Tolkein envious. My Mum would be facing it head on but with an army behind her, spears and swords at the ready to defend to the bitter end. Everything else in our lives at this time meant nothing. You can’t simply carry on when these things come to test us and that’s exactly what happened. I stopped.

I stopped writing, I stopped reading, I stopped listening to music. All that mattered was that my Mum had everything she needed to not just beat cancer but to make it beg for mercy. Time passed, the operation was a success and Chemo was the next step to recovery. We waited for confirmation to begin as the year finally drew to a close.

Then..another curve ball, my Grandad passed away. This was the crushing blow.

My Dad is one of the strongest people around, a respected guy who would go out of his way to help most anyone and is the sole reason for my passion in music. Now, his Dad was the same. Tough exterior, stern but a kind hearted soul and someone who impacted so many lives. Seeing my Dad fight his way through the funeral is something that will stick with me forever. It goes without question that he was distraught, his Dad moved on and his wife with Cancer and yet he put all his problems aside and was there for his kids, his brothers, his sisters and hell, he’d have probably petted the dog (he does not enjoy dogs!).

So we should submit right? Give up and go home.

Not a chance.

Light the match, boys, strike up the band because we are marching on together not in to a new year but a new era.

To all those I made promises to last year, I’m sorry I broke them but I simply had to. I’m getting back to the grind now and will bring you music, news and reviews as often as I can. There’s so much to tell. I look forward to it and I hope you join me.

For my Grandad. Always in charge, Forever loved.



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