Buffalo Fuzz – In review

Some music makes you smile.

Some music makes you cry.

Then some music grabs you by the throat and gives you a firm head butt in the chest.

Buffalo Fuzz are certainly the latter.

Ready to go?

Fuzz yeah.

Minneapolis Duo Jared Zachary and Jake Allan form up Buffalo Fuzz, a heavy hitting ode to rock and roll as we knew it, and if their self titled debut album is anything to go by rock and roll is back. The missing sign on the back of milk cartons can finally stop being pressed.

The title track ‘Perfect Man’ proves itself to be the perfect opener, setting the tone for what the next 50 minutes hold. It’s home to a dirty riff designed to scrunch your face into a growl and pounding drums to lift the heart rate, if you listen hard enough there is just a twinge of the old British grunge scene creeping in at times as well.

The boys list Led Zeppelin in their inspirations and ‘Burning Down’ shows this is in abundance with it’s heavy blues tones and sniff of psychedelic grooves in the solos. The real star of this track though is Zachary’s vocals, showing huge power and control to mimic the melody.

My top pick from this fine debut is ‘The War’, a song that immediately made me think of Tony Iommi and Black Sabbath. It’s a runaway freight train, a high-speed police chase and a stampeding herd of (Cough) Buffalo all rolled into one and firing towards your brain space. It’s impossible not to rock your head back and forth whilst this song is dominating the area around you. There’s an incredibly smart change-up around the 4th minute which, honestly, just makes me so goddamn happy. Quite frankly, it’s arena worthy.

‘Ain’t seen a cent’ is another example of the thunder and lightning of sound that this album delivers. Masterfully crafted and you can really hear the drums and guitar working in tandem. It can be easy in a duo for it to become something of a battle, who can play louder, faster, show off the most. Not here. Everything is considered, everything ties together and that is what makes this band so very strong.

This album will cater to fans of so many genres. It’s blues rock, atop rock and roll lines and stacked on top of psych riffs all huddled under a long trench coat sneaking into afterhours bars.  It has that naughty “Am I allowed to listen to this?’ feel about it because it’s going to open your ears to a whole new direction of music. Go out buy the record, buy the merch but make sure you hide it in your top drawer. You don’t want Momma to find out.




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