The Salient Braves – Delusions of Grandeur LP Review

Northern boys The Salient Braves are back and this time they brought their first to press LP ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ to the party.

What’s it all about you ask? About 13 tracks. SNARE CRASH!

Always start with a joke, that’s what Momma said. Are we ready? Good. Let’s do this.

For you avid readers out there you will know this isn’t the first time Salient Braves and Hepkatt have crossed paths with their previous EP gracing these pages. This time they’ve released their first Vinyl, something they have worked extremely hard to achieve (you need only glance at their Facebook to see how much they wanted this) and, deservedly, they got it.

“Somewhere Sordid” kicks off the show and straight away Matt Baileys lyrics come to the forefront and give a stark example of Northern existence. What I like about Baileys lyrics are that they steer well clear of romantic cliches and presents life as it is in black and white bold print.  I can’t help but think of songs like the Killing Moon by Echo and The Bunnymen when listening to this track which is no bad thing at all.

The album carries on in the same vein giving spotlight to the songwriting and creating a backline that serves to elevate and champion the story that needs to be told.

“My alter ego” is my favourite off the album featuring haunting chorus vocals and the biggest social statement since cigarettes and alcohol. Picture the old man in the corner of your local, reading the racing post, supping a pint of Jonny Blacksmiths and grunting disapprovingly when the door opens. This is the song that plays in his head all the time, wanting you to get to know him but putting up boundaries to ensure you never do.

Despite the focus being on the lyrics, there is still great musical creation and this is shown in “the great unwashed” which is masterfully put together and even includes a little playful brass section. This is very much what I would call ‘Northern Music’, not quite Talc on the dance floor but go wherever you want in the world and this will pull you back to the land of the white roses.

There are subtle tips of the hat to influences throughout the record, “Out to Lunch” has a feel of The Psychadelic Furs and “Fruit Machines lost me my friends” has a feel of The Cure. There’s that poetic charm to the flow of the words that Robert Smith would be proud of, take away the music and each would easily work as beat poetry or the script to short movies.

The Salient Braves continue to make music their way and will continue to do so until the the Earth stops turning or Trumps America causes the world to melt. In the days of auto tune and ghost writers we should all sit back and applaud them. The new vinyl is out now and will fill that gap in your collection. What are you waiting for?

Well, go on then!



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